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What do I get? 

When you book a space at an event you get the unique photoshoot experience on one of our specially crafted sets. We pride ourselves as much on the experience as our final images, just ask anyone who has attended any of our events! An experience your children will be talking about long after you have left us. After your child’s photoshoot, you are then able to view the images and choose which ones to purchase. 

Please ask for a price list for more information on our various products/packages. 

There are no images included in the booking fee.



When & where?

See the relevant pages for details on each event.

We take our events to different venues around the UK. .


How much does it cost?

There is an event specific booking fee. This secures your time slot, our expertise, and the photoshoot experience. Our print and digital products generally start from £75, these will be available to order after your photoshoot. We offer two ranges of product BASICS & SIGNATURE. Please ask for a price list for more information. 


How do I book?

Go to the event page you wish to attend, and book through the calendar.

Each event will only be available to book once they have been announced, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details.


What ages?

Each event is for slightly different ages, for more details see the relevant event page.


Is it for individuals?

No, we can do shoots with more than one child; siblings, cousins, or friends are great. For more information regarding how many children each shoot permits, please visit the relevant event page.


Is it outdoors?

No. Each shoot takes place on our specially crafted sets.


Do I need to bring a costume?

No, our handmade costumes are provided.


How long does it take?

Shoots are 45 minutes, you will then have a short wait before your viewing and are encouraged to bring any family members who wish to watch the experience and view the images.


There are other companies that do children’s photoshoots, you’re not the cheapest, why should I go with you?

Check out the Our Work page.


How long do the images take?

Our images take 6 weeks to process.


Do I have to order on the day?

We try to keep all our events separate due to the high volume of events we put on around the country. To fit this purpose we ask that all orders for images are done on the day/over the duration of the event itself. We do not provide online galleries.

Payment options can be discussed with our sales team and can be tailored to your circumstances with orders needing just a deposit on the day. You will then receive the images once the plan is complete.